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AJN Partners is one of the leading boutique law firm with a full service presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. AJN Partners, roots tracking back to erstwhile Lahore, incepted in 1899 by Mr. Dharampal Jain, legacy continued by the next generation Mr. Hari Dass Jain in Shimla, tradition went on in much the same way as in very few families, by the third generation Mr. Arun Jain brought the patrimony to Chandigarh, now nurtured by Mr. Jaisurya Jain in Delhi.
With a passion to create inspirational workspace solutions, Amit Ramani founded Awfis in April, 2015. The aim was to introduce a 'Sharing Economy' business model where one should be able to make 'Just-in-time' bookings for meeting rooms & work desks and enjoy a flexible, hassle-free, productive work environment.
BEZEL GROUP is a full service brokerage house providing comprehensive advisory services to its clients under one roof, enabling you to manage all your financial needs.
Defence Bakery
Defence Bakery is one of the oldest Bakery, Patisserie and Confectionery from the city of Delhi. Our simple and honest approach to business has led us to grow year by year since Defence Bakery's inception in 1962 by late Jagdish Mitra Dhingra. Then the father-sons hotelier trio: Dilip Kumar and his sons, Tushar and Gaurav, for long continued to churn out exotic confections that meet the culinary approval of the sophisticated Delhi palate.
Connaught Space
Connaught Space, assist their clients in Buying / Selling & Leasing commercial properties at the right time & price to earn maximum returns.
Feather Touch
Feather Touch is the leading cutlery supplier to 5 star hotels and premium restaurants.

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